Marriage Information and Guidelines

Dear Engaged Couple,

Our parish community is happy that you are planning on being married in our parish Church. Love is a beautiful thing. Marriage is a beautiful thing. You are about to embark on the most important journey of your lives. Marriage is a radical new way of life and so the Church wants to assist you in preparing well for your new life together.

These guidelines are written to avoid oral misunderstandings and mis-communications about your wedding arrangements. May the Holy Spirit be with you to help and guide you always.

Father Biju Vells

Eligibility Requirements

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Both parties must be free to marry.
  • At least one party must be Roman Catholic.
  • There must be no outside force influencing the marriage.
  • There must be a serious intention of a lifelong union and commitment.
  • The completion of all necessary documents, legal forms and dispensations.
  • The completion of the Pre-Cana Preparations.

Pre-Cana Preparations

  1. The couple should speak with the Pastor of St. Pius X Church, Fr. Biju Vells at (954) 564-1763, to discuss the date and time of their planned marriage.
  2. The couple should make an appointment with the pastor in their home parish and ask to be prepared for being married and that you are planning the marriage ceremony to take place at St. Pius X Church in Ft. Lauderdale.
  3. The pastor will prepare the necessary documents, legal forms and necessary dispensations. This includes your statement of intention regarding marriage (A Forms); character references (B forms); and recently obtained (within 6 months) baptismal certificates for Catholics. Please contact your Church of baptism and request a new certificate. This is to be submitted to the priest who prepares the papers for the wedding.
  4. Your pastor will provide the couple with the necessary instructions before marriage: this includes the completion of a pre-marital inventory (Foccus) and an Engagement Encounter. Dates, times, places and other pertinent information about the Engagement Encounter will be provided.

Marriage License

Must be a State of Florida License. There is a three day waiting period for Florida residents only. A marriage license may be obtained at the following location:

Broward County Marriage License Office
Broward County Clerk,
201 SE 6th Street,
Room 270,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 831-7283 ext. 7842
8:00am-4:30pm. / M- F
Closed for holidays Observed by Broward County

No blood test is required. The cost for a license is $93.50. Both parties must appear with valid Driver's Licenses and social security numbers. If divorced you must bring a paper with the exact date of your divorce.

Church, Music, Photography, Florist, Cake And Catering

  • Please contact the Parish Office at (954) 564-1763 for music arrangements.
  • Two local florists are Field of Flowers, 5101 S. University Drive, Tel. (954) 680-2406
  • Joy Florist, 2058 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Tel. (954) 566-0099.

You may call to discuss your preferences and fees. Please advise florist if you wish to use and aisle runner. You must provide your own Unity of Candle if you choose to use one.

  • Wedding cakes can be ordered at Publix at (954) 735-1328.
  • Catering can be provided by Hugh's Catering, 2401 NE 8th Ave, Ft. Lauderdale. Tel. (954) 563-4833.

Availability Of The Church

The church is open one hour before the beginning of the wedding. Floral deliveries and photography set-up should take place at this time. A Nuptial Mass runs about 1 hour. A wedding ceremony runs about 40 minutes. Couples are allowed up to 1/2 hour for pictures after the wedding. A Receiving Line at church is possible provided that the wedding begins on time and would not interfere with other scheduled services.

Please Remind Your Florist That No Tape Or Tacks May Be Used To Hold Bows Or Ribbons On Pews. Also, Throwing Rice, Confetti Or Birdseed Is Not Permitted. Please have someone designated to check the church sacristy, vestibule, bathrooms and hall after the wedding. Items often get left behind.


A rehearsal is usually set for the night before the wedding. If this is not possible, another time can be arranged. Everyone who has a part in the wedding should be part of the rehearsal. This includes the wedding party, parents and readers. It is helpful if you have worked out before the rehearsal the seating arrangement for family and the walking order and matching of the bridal party. This could save time since most couples have a rehearsal dinner following the rehearsal. Rehearsals should not take more than 1 hour.

Church Fees

All Fees Must Be Paid In Advance At Least One Month Before The Service.

Bridal Room

The wedding party can use the parish hall if available.

Further Information And Address Of Church

If you have any questions during your preparations for the wedding, please contact the priest who will be most willing to assist you so that your special day will be a treasured memory for you and for all.