“Renew and Refresh 2020” Frequently Asked Questions

Contact info

Joe Scerbo, Chairman

Parish Finance Council


Mark Taravella, Chairman

Pastoral Council

954-565-2202 (Home)

954-609-9142 (Cell)

What is “Renew and Refresh 2020”?

“Renew and Refresh 2020” is a three year capital campaign to raise much needed funds for the Parish building needs above and beyond our regular maintenance needs.

What are the building needs for the Parish?

Our primary and immediate needs are for a new Air Conditioning System and an updated Fire Alarm Safety system for both the Church and the Parish Hall.

How can I donate or pledge?

A pledge card was mailed to all registered parishioners and visitors on record. Simply fill out the pledge card and return it in the return envelope included, drop it in any collection basket or give to an usher basket at mass or drop off at the Parish office.

Can I pay over time?

Yes. The campaign will run for three years, thru December 2020. You can make monthly/quarterly/annual payments, whichever is most convenient for you.

Can I use a credit card or have it debited from my bank account?

Yes. There is information on pledge cards as well as the St. Pius X Website that provides options for card card or direct debit payment.

What is the estimated time of completion for the projects?

We expect to complete the Air-Conditioning project by mid-December in order to have Christmas masses in the church. The Parish Hall air-conditioning has been completed.

How much money has been raised so far?

We have raised over $100,000 as of November, 2017. This has come from individual donors.

$650,000 sounds like a lot of money. How is that being used?

We have estimated the following:

  • $450,000 for the Air-Conditioning for the Church and Parish Hall. This includes Installation and Demolition.
  • $ 50,000 for the Fire Alarm System for the Church and the Parish Hall.
  • $ 50,000 for “finishing needs” such as trim work, painting, etc.
  • $100,000 Contingency / Reserve for future projects

We secured three bids for the Air-Conditioning project. The other two bids were over $100K more than the bid we chose. We are using a contractor, J.F Smith, Inc., that we have used recently on the new Parking Lot Lights project. We are also saving money by buying the equipment directly from the manufacture so there is no contractor mark-up for this portion of the project. We are working closely with the Archdiocese building department on the contract and project.

What is the contingency / reserve for?

It will be used for unexpected needs that arise from the AC and Fire system projects. If there is a balance it will be used for other building needs at the Parish.

Why are we taking out a loan for the project?

Because we need to complete the work ASAP. We have an immediate and urgent need to replace the Air–Conditioning system which is 50 years old. It is on the brink of breaking down permanently at any time.It breaks down regularly which causes an uncomfortable worship environment, incurs on-going costly repairs and is highly inefficient in terms of electrical use and electric bills and at times is noisy.

The updated Fire Alarm Safety system is also an immediate need.

How much is the Loan for?

The loan is a non-interest loan for $450,000 to be paid back as we raise funds.

What are the future building needs?

Future building needs would include updated hurricane window and door protection, especially for the stained glass areas in the church, updating the chapel and some other improvements.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

We suggest you contact your own personal financial advisor for this information.

How often does St. Pius X run capital campaigns?

Not often. The last time we ran a capital campaign was 17 years ago, in 2000.

How is the church doing financially, overall?

For the last three years, we are fortunate that our income has covered our expenses. We have done a good job at reducing expenses over the last two years.

However, when large projects are required, there is no “reserve” for these projects after our operating income/expenses. Therefore, we are running this new “capital funds” campaign for some much needed, large projects.

The Archdiocese is supporting this capital campaign and project with both financial support and personnel. This demonstrates their commitment to the long-term future and success of St. Pius X.