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This Week

Twenty-Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time
09 28 2014
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Word From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

St. Pius X Parish & A Busy October

As Fall officially begins, our Parishioners have numerous activities to choose from over the coming weeks:


Upcoming Event

October 2nd Choir Rehearsal
October 4th Blessing of the Animals
October 4th Scripture Study Begins
October 5th Respect Life Sunday
October 9th Bingo Begins
October 11th Oktoberfest
October 19th World Mission Sunday

Annual Golf Tournament

Cardinal Gibbons High School will host its 36th Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, October 3rd at Woodlands Country Club in Tamarac. All proceeds benefit the Athletic Department.

Register at or
Contact at Tom Butler : (954) 931-5306 or Tyler Ziontz : (954) 650-3822.

Annual Garage Sale

On November 29th & 30th
Your donations of knick-knacks, small appliances, linens, kitchen wares, silver, pictures, and jewelry will help make our sale profitable for our Parish. Be sure to check storage lockers and bins for hardly-used treasures.

Deposit items in the food baskets in the Church or leave them in the garage beneath the Church.

Call Joan Balogh : (954) 565-9935 for additional information.

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank is in dire need of non-perishable foods to serve the hungry who come to their facility each week.

Please help this charity by filling our food baskets at the doors of the Church with:
  • Canned Soup
  • Crackers
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Pancake Mix
  • Syrup
  • Canned Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Cereal
  • Powdered Milk
  • Toiletries
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toilet Paper

The two fers at the local markets are excellent opportunities to help supply the food bank. Thank you, in advance, for caring and sharing.

Exposition Of The Blessed Sacrament

In the Parish Chapel, Thursdays after the 8:30am Mass this is a time of prayer and meditation until 9pm. All are welcome. Please remember Our Lord, The Blessed Sacrament, should never be left alone.

Please Join Us.

St. Pius X Intercessory Prayer Group

We would like to invite you to join the St. Pius X Intercessory Prayer Group which gathers every morning after 8:30am Mass to pray for the Intentions of the Mission “For the Love of God Worldwide” and for the Intentions of the Archdiocese of Miami.

Contact : Belen Infante Annehed at (954) 586-7151.

Patriot Corner

We pray for the living and deceased members of our armed forces:

Living Troops:
  • David Auman
  • Brad Andre
  • Joseph Comely
  • Scott Knight, Jr.
  • Timothy and Patrick Donahue
  • James Rauch
  • William Demison
Deceased Troops:
  • Jonathan Schmidt
  • Donald Colburn
  • Robert Herlihy
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Kevin Kennedy

    Please Support Our Brick Garden

    St. Pius X brick garden is a beautiful way to mark a special occasion or leave a lasting memory of a loved one. This time of year it would make a thoughtful gift.

    For more information you may come to the church office or call Barbara Scerbo at (954) 563-3735.

    Scripture Reflections

    The parable of the two sons was addressed to the chief priests and elders of the people. Its purpose was to defend Jesus’ invitation of sinners and outcasts to the Kingdom, in the face of the sneers of the religious establishment. The parable outraged the religious people.

    The first son represents sinners. Like him they originally chose to go their own way but then repented and took God’s way, and so gained entry into the Kingdom. The second son represents the chief priests and elders. Like him they promised to work for God but failed to do so, and so have excluded themselves from the Kingdom. Repentance is a necessary disposition for entry into the Kingdom. The theme of son and repentance is also dealt with in the First Reading.

    The parable also echoes a favorite theme of Matthew: the split in the religious person between saying and doing. Hence, its relevance for ‘religious’ people in every age.

    ABCD-The 2014 Archbishop's Charities and Development Drive

    Click on image above to view the video

    Readings for the Week of September 28, 2014

    Sunday 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Ez 18:25-28; Phil 2:1-11; Mt 21:28-32

    Saints Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael, Archangels
    Dn 7:9-14 or Rv 12:7-12; Jn 1:47-51


    St. Jerome, Priest & Doctor of the Church
    Jb 3:1-23; Lk 9:51-56


    St. Therese of the Child Jesus,
    Virgin & Doctor of the Church
    Jb 9:1-16; Lk 9:57-62

    Thursday The Holy Guardian Angels
    Jb 19:21-27; Mt 18:1-10

    Jb 38:1-21, 40:3-5; Lk 10:13-16


    St. Francis of Assisi
    Jb 42:1-17; Lk 10:17-24


    27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Is 5:1-7; Phil 4:6-9; Mt 21:33-43