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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
08 30 2015
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Farewell Reception For Fr. Jerry & David Rossow

A farewell reception for Father Jerry and David Rossow will be held Sunday, August 30th after the 11:00 Mass in the Parish Hall.

Refreshments will be served.

When Things Happen…is it for good or bad?

Sometimes our plans don't work out the way we think they should. Here is a parable and story which reminds us to keep faith and hope alive when we are disappointed.

Many years ago there was an old man who had one son and a horse. One day his horse broke out of the corral and fled to the freedom of the hills. "Your horse got out? What bad luck" said his neighbors. "Why do you say that?" asked the old man. "How do you know it's bad luck?"

Sure enough, the next night the horse came back to his familiar corral for his usual feeding and watering leading 12 wild horses with him. The farmer's son saw the horses in the corral, slipped out a side door and locked the gate. Suddenly the farmer and his son had 13 horses instead of none. The neighbors heard the good news and rushed to the farmer, "Thirteen horses! What good luck you have."

The old farmer answered "How do you know that it's good luck?" … Some days later his strong young son was trying to ride one of the wild horses, only to be thrown off and break a leg. The neighbors came back that night and passed another hasty judgement "Your son broke his leg, what bad luck." The wise father answered again, "How do you know it's bad luck?"

Sure enough, a few days later a warlord came thru the town and conscripted every able-bodied young man, taking them off to war, never to return to their homes again. But the young man was saved because of his broken leg.

Register for CCD Classes

We're now registering for our CCD Program (Youth Religious Education), which begins September 20.

All new and returning families must register. Contact Theresa in the Parish Office (954) 564-1763.

Project Hope Thank You

Thank you to all of the people who volunteered their time for company and making dinners, and those who made donations.

Parish Support

August 22 - 23

1st Collection: $4,659.50
2nd Collection: $1,354.70
Votive Candles: $334.55

Thank you for your Sacrificial Giving

Save the Date

Sept. 13 - CCD Resumes.
Sept. - Choir Returns.
Oct. 3 - Scripture Study Starts.
Oct. 8 - Bingo Begins.

Missionary Visiting

This weekend Fr. Simon Mahish is our Missionary Priest from Ecuador who will preach at all the Masses about the Church's great outreach to 5,000 children in Ecuador.

Thank you for your generosity to this worthy cause.

Patriot Corner

We pray for the living and deceased members of our armed forces:

Living Troops:
  • David Auman
  • Brad Andre
  • Timothy and Patrick Donahue
  • William Demison
  • Joseph Comely
  • Scott Knight, Jr.
Deceased Troops:
  • Jonathan Schmidt
  • Donald Colburn
  • Robert Herlihy
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Kevin Kennedy

Scripture Reflections

Today as we resume the reading of Mark's Gospel, we meet a controversy over ritual cleanness. All three readings tie in with one another. In the First Reading, Moses urges the people to be faithful to God's law, without adding to it or subtracting from it. It is not a burden to be endured, but a source of life and wisdom. The Gospel shows what happened in practice. To the Law of God (given through Moses) they added their own traditions, which came to be regarded as equally authoritative and binding. Worse, they got in the way of God's law.

Mark is making clear to Gentile Christians that being followers of Christ does not involve them in the observance of Jewish practices.

The Second Reading (the first of five from the Letter of St. James) shows the essential link between faith and love. Nothing could be more practical than this. Nowhere is the way to sanctity so clearly indicated.

Readings for the Week of August 30th, 2015

Sunday 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dt 4:1-8; Jas 1:17-27; Mk 7:1-23
Monday 1 Thes 4:13-18; Lk 4:16-30
Tuesday 1 Thes 5:1-11; Lk 4:31-37
Wednesday Col 1:1-8; Lk 4:38-44
Thursday St. Gregory the Great
Col 1:9-14; Lk 5:1-11
Friday Col 1:15-20; Lk 5:33-39
Saturday Col 1:21-23; Lk 6:1-5
Sunday 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Is 35:4-7; Jas 2:1-5; Mk 7:31-37